Weigh Belt Feeder

Weigh Belt Feeder for light materials

Low density and fragile materials, like tobacco, tea and wood chips are traditionally hard to weigh. As cost of material can be high, or a process may require close tolerances, precision weighing is often essential. With it’s patented unique belt drive, the FK can weigh light weight, bulky materials reliably with very high accuracy.

Characterizing Features:

  • Unique patented design, accurate down to very low flows.
  • Standard units for 300 - 700 mm belt width. From 10 - 10 000 kg/h.
  • Available as open frame or fully enclosed.
  • Clear information in plain text, alarm- and control signals. Intelligent automatic zero and span calibration.
  • Standardized modules for quick delivery, spare part availability and good economy.
  • OIML R50:1994 Type approved.


    Weigh Feeder Brochure >>>